Para todas las personas ke han estado buskando como lokas o lokos la canciones de Castle Wall aki de las dejo para ke la disfruten, yo tambien las buske mucho durente mucho tiempo, bye enjoy it jijijiji see ya

Can I Climb A Castle Wall

To See What’s Behind The Door

You Were There

Drog The Past Like A Criminal

To The Light For All To See

You To See

Take Me Now As Your Long Lost Love

Arrest You, You Dear


Every Little Piece Of My Heart

Is Falling Down

With You Around

Every Little Piece Of My Heart

Is Falling Down Down Down

The Room Is Crowded By The Noise

Now The Silense Falls

Like A Bottle Crashed Into The Ground

Thoughts Of Music Till Your Tears Castle Wall Are Fall Behind In You

I’m Finally Free

We Won’t Part Though The Waves May Come

To Take Me, From You…



And I Can’t Give You What You Have, What You Have

But I Can Give You All I Am… Yeah Everything I Am…


dicho jajaja to the love of my life GOD