The I Heart Revolution;
With Hearts As One’ Double CD
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Released in March

“The world has watered love down to slogans and t-shirts.. lollipop
pop songs and popcorn munching excursions in visual indulgence… all of
which are fine.. but we throw the word around.. we confuse it’s definition..
we diminish our understanding of God’s command.. love is the
quintessential human emotion.. it is the desire of every human being to experience,
and in turn express love.. and God himself IS love.. and he desires to be loved..and who are the carriers of His spirit..?? it’s us

So that’s the call.. that’s the mission.. that’s what this is all about..

A generation expressing their worship; moreso expressing their heart for worship in the action of love.. toward God.. and toward the world we live in.. and the people who inhabit it.. it’s not about highlighting the darkness.. it’s about becoming the light that diminishes the’s the gospel.. and it is now…we’re all in this together..

((please note: this is not called ‘I heart revolutionS we don’t love revolution.. we’re a part of a revolution fuelled by our love for
God..our love for life.. and our love for people.. it’s called “the I heart revolution..”))” – Joel Houston

Hillsong United is releasing a two-part project titled, ‘The I Heart Revolution’. The first part, ‘With Hearts As One’, was recorded across the globe at locations including Toronto, Cape Town, Kiev, Manilla, Buenos Aires, Kaula Lumpur and Sydney.

‘The I Heart Revolution: With Hearts As One’ is a double CD set which contains 25 songs, which is released early March.

The second part, ‘The I Heart Revolution: We’re All In This Together’ is a double DVD set which will be released in May – check back for more details!