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Hi, well as I commented on a preview post, i found out ‘bout the script of Eclipse was leak and as many other people i get curious, at the beginning I’ve resisted ‘cuz I didn’t have time to read it, but yesterday I dare to read it and it didn’t let me down, as I’ve said so my friends I cried, kicked, screamed and throw tantrums but in the end I must say that the script it’s very faithful to the book.

Now I’ll be describing in general terms the way I understand the chapters inside the scenes of the script. Maybe some details be passed by but it’s because I’ve only read one time the book and the script, so in advance my apologies.
The script start with the opening scene reported by LaineyGossip, where you can see Riley running in the pouring rain while is attacked by vampire, they didn’t say which one but we all know that is Victoria. On the background it suppose to be listened the voice of Kriten Stewart, reading the line of the prologue Fire and Ice by Robert Frost. And in the book we start with:

1. Ultimatum: the most relevant from this chapter is Jacobs note to Bella, no doubt it’s on the script, also the fact that Charlie took off the house arrest from Bella.
2. Evasion: the getaway to Florida are from a different perspective and beside the book haven’t said so many things, on the script they’ve even add some nice things ‘bout Bella and Renne’s relationship, it appears the little fight ‘bout the tickets between Bella and Edward, also with Charlie but here they didn’t show it as a fight it’s more like a calm talk, we can see the frustrated runaway of Bella and the little argue about the window with Edward. Even the sex talk from Charlie is very funny by the way.
3. Motives: The show up of Jacob at the school its entirely way too different from the original in the book, it’s mixed up with Bella’s runaway from Alice when she kidnap her, which on the book appear a few chapters ahead. The arguing between Jacob and Edward is barely the same. What had happen in Edward and Bella’s absence, it’s also on the script from Alice point of view, it’ll be very interesting see this on screen.
4. Nature: it’s included the talk with Angela, but from Bella’s house and not from Angela’s, and it’s in a moment 100% different, as in the book was. It’s when the Quileute and the Cullen are in truce, and in the book it’s even before Bella made up with Jacob.
5. Imprint: On the script this talk about the imprint is when Bella goes down La Push, and Jacob tells her ‘bout what happened between Leah and Sam, and gives Quil and Clare as example of imprint.

6. Switzerland: The Switzerland topic is treated from a different way and they just mention it, isn’t as in the book, but it shows Edward’s anger with Bella for running away to La Push. But there’s anything on the script about the kidnapping, however we can see the bed… but from a different way, this is mixed up with the proposal and there isn’t any furniture destruction on the scene.
7. Unhappy ending: Rosalie’ story is told from a distinct part of the house, it isn’t on Edward’s bedroom, but in the backyard. And there’s no mention of the Denali Clan.
8. Temper: It didn’t happened the bike’ stuff, however the talk when Jacob said that he prefers see her death instead of becoming a vampire it is on the script. Didn’t exist the runaway from Jake’s house to the Cullen’s house that was taken away from the movie. And it seem to be forgotten the scene when Edward came back from hunting and talk to Bella.
9. Target: The intruder on Bellas’ bedroom is mention and even adds interesting stuff, we can see the talk between Jacob and Edward bout the intruder but not only at the phone but in person, which is much, much better.
10. Scent: It’s shown the coming of Jacob to Forks as I said for the intruder thing, they even tell a little bit more about it, but it isn’t the cutoff of Jacob at Bella’s place. Even didn’t show the tension between Edward and Bella about college. It’s totally inexistent the motorcycle of Edward and the leather jacket of Bella.

11. Legends: It’s included everything about the legends and even a little more, mixed with what the legend said with Bella’s imagination. But we will not see the interchange of Bella between Edward with Jacob on the treaty line.
12. Time: The announcement of the party at the Cullen’s house is different, it’s not focused on Bella, and it’s when everyone is on the cafeteria at school. It’s in the script the talk that has Edward with Bella about how the things will be when she’ll be changed. When Edward says how he sees the marriage stuff is intertwined with the definitive proposal, everything on that scene is very romantic I love it. Now about what happen in Seattle this is shown from the Cullen’s perspective and I guess almost nothing from Charlie’s except maybe only for the development of Riley’s story.
13. Newborn: The story of Jasper is very stick to what the book has told. We can see even a little bit more about the love story of Alice and Jasper. Also will see the Cullen family get ready for the battle.
14. Declaration: As in the book the party goes on even with the imminent attack of the newborns, just without the tantrums of Bella, the declaration of Jacob is on the script but not as the book. The party invitation to Jacob is as in the book, the way that Bella speak about it, is exactly the same. Also the Jacob’s gift.

Note: I clarify that I’m doing a review as it is the book vs what the script says.

Now as a comment, the order of the story on the script it’s way too different from the book, so to make easier to understand this review, I mention what is shows up on the script form each chapter from the book, if I don’t mention it, is because didn’t shows up on the script. This is very hard to do, when I though the great idea to do this review, I thought it was going to be easy but I see it’s very messy, explain the script versus what we have read on the book it’s very, very hard.

This is the first part, as soon as I finish the other chapters I upload them, because they’re so many (we all know that) and it’s taking me a lot of time to do it. I’m trying to be the most precised possible. Thanks for reading me, please leave a comment and questions, I’ll try to help you. Also here is my twitter to follow me, if you like what I write here.
Be back soon.


PS My apologies if has mistakes, please try to understand that english is my second language. Thanks.

Disclaimer: All right of the Twilight Saga belong to Summit Entertainment and Stephenie Meyer, I do not own any right from the caracter here displayed or the script which is use as reference. Thanks

Plus I get u here the fisrt 10 second from the Eclipse Trailer