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Hello, waz up, I’m back with this little project that I meant to do, and I’m driving myself crazy ‘cuz I haven’t finished it, still left some chapters, but I haven’t had enough time. This weekend i¿ll finished it but in mean time, here it is a few more chapters.

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15. Wager: On the script appears the punch of Bella to Jake and how Carlisle heal her, also the almost little fight between Edward and Jake in front of Charlie.
16. Epoch: What had happen in this chapter it’s developed with the speech of Jessica, we won’t see anything else, there’s no secret between Alice and Bella for Edward, not even hugs and tears with Jessica and Angela, or the sentimental scene with Charlie.
17. Alliance: Different from the book Bella arrive late to her party at thee Cullen’s house. How the wolf shown up at the party it’s exact the same way as in the book. Also the gift from Jacob appears but in other scene. Also the things that the wolfpack know about the newborns are coming to Forks.

18. Instruction: All the training given by Jazz it’s on the script but didn’t appear how the scene goes to the party to the training place. Also we’ll see the experiment of Bella, Edward and Jake about the scent of Bella to attract the newborns. Also how Seth goes with Bella and Edward to camping but shown from a different way.
19. Selfish: From this chapter only remains the part when Alice gets the weekend pass to Bella. There’s nothing about the arguing of Edward ‘cuz of Jacob’s gift. Thing ‘bout the topic of go or didn’t go to the meadow it’s very nice.
20. Compromise: The scene of seduction of Bella it’s well developed on the script, but without the no-gift of Edward to her, thing I totally hate ‘cuz I wanna see that diamond; also isn’t the reject of Edward to Bella for the seduction. The proposal it’s different but keeps the elements from the original.
21. Trails: To my personal horror and deception it isn’t the beg of Alice for the wedding to Bella. The part when Bella cuts herself to leave a better trail it in it (script), there’s a little part of the talk of Bella with Jacob in their way to the camp, but isn’t the funny fact of the Beta Wolf.
22. Fire and Ice: It’s almost exactly the same as the book, not so long as I wish and doesn’t have the nonsense stuff that Bella says about Jacob. But we all know that the most important part of this chapter is the conversation that had had Edward and Jacob, which is totally and definitely on the script a few shorter but keep the important points.

My apologies for the grammatical mistakes also for the delayed, but I really don’t have enough free time to do this. Please leave comment, thanks.



Disclaimer: All right of the Twilight Saga belong to Summit Entertainment and Stephenie Meyer, I do not own any right from the caracter here displayed or the script which is use as reference. Thanks