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Well and now almost ending this project I got u here the third part from this special that I did, even I don’t know if I did it well, because my editor (Carmen :D) didn’t check it, let’s see what happen I hope she ain’t yell at me later 😛 in advance I apology for all the mistakes in orthography and redaction that you might find here. Any question related with this info you can leave it in a comment I check them constantly.

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23. Monster: In the script this scene is mixed with the fight scene there are no changes on it, just the part when Jacob asks Bella to beg him to get back to her is a little shorter but they add things really, really special and really cute. Besides the talk when Edward says his top ten favorite nights to Bella it’s shorter than in the book.
24. Snap decision: The scene when Edward claims to Bella, looks gorgeous practically took my breath away and it’s as beautiful as in the book… here we can see a lil’ bit more of it. The way it develops the fight between Seth, Riley, Victoria and Edward it’ very well detailed, although isn’t as faithful to the book, but as an exception there are some ellipsis in about Victoria’s death, there wasn’t the pile of smashed bodies of Victoria and Riley as in the book, I didn’t liked this ‘cuz in the book it’s very clear how see was killed.
25. Mirror: The way the Volturi shown up in the scene after the battle it’s different and clear us many doubts, that the book didn’t make it clear. The way that Jacob gets hurt it’s entirely way too different, it’s from other perspective. The character of Bree it’s a little more developed even though it’s irrelevant, in this part Esme says many things to the Volturi; it gets really exciting and intense. Jane as always it’s a bitch evil and hateful as we all know her in the book.

26. Ethics: The scene in the book when Alice gets Bella prettier isn’t in the script. Now the scene the Jacob was heal by Carlisle is very well developed it’s longer than the book and it’s more detailed. I missed the scene when Charlie has a very sentimental talk with Bella in the book it’s very sweet and they cut it off the movie. The talk with Jacob when he’s in his bed and Bella visited him, it’s shorter but even though it’s amazing and as in the book it totally breaks your heart.
27. Needs: The collapse of Bella after her talk with Jacob, and break up definitely with him, it isn’t in the script (so shame cuz I wanted so see it). Not even the talk she has with Edward in her bedroom the morning after that, when each of them quote Wuthering Heights, this in my opinion it defined very much the book, but in the script they decided to cut it off. And for everyone’s horror the scene when Bella talks to Alice and cleared up the things about the wedding it isn’t!!!! on the script, also it isn’t the magnificent wedding dress!!!!!! Now the talk Bella had with Edward in the meadow, it’s here and as other scenes it’s shorter, but it’s very romantic and even I dare to say that the first pic’ that was release from Eclipse it’s from this scene (or maybe can be from the very first scene in the script, when they are in the meadow too) but maybe I’m wrong we’ve gotta wait and see.
28. Epilogue- Choice: This chapter it’s a must seen chapter for the movie but… surprise, surprise, it isn’t on the script!!!!!! None, nothing!!!! Not even for mistake!!!!! The very last scene on the script it’s when Edward and Bella are in the meadow y that is the end… there ends the script and also the movie. Obviously maybe this script version isn’t the final and definitive version, we’ll never know, only after watch the movie on June/30/2010. And after Eclipse we’ll be waiting for news about Breaking Dawn. This fan pic it’s amazing, love it.

Well this has been all boys and girls, thank you for reading this, maybe later I’ll post some other news from the Twilight Saga.

As a comment: this blog isn’t exclusive to Twilight news and I don’t publish news from it very often. But this topic it seems very interesting to me.

Let’s wait and see if the final result it’ll be as this script or similar. Greetings and have a nice day c’ya.

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