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Well hello, here I am again with my recommendation and my reviews, I’m very critic but a must clarify it’s only with books, movies and actors, I don’t critic to my friends, I mean it, if u don’t believe me you can ask to Luz and Carito, I’m not critical with them or with any of my friends.

Getting into topic to this post, as many of you well known I’m an avid reader of Stephenie Meyer’s books, I’ve already read them all, even though they’re not so many, they’re very long. A few days ago, I start to re-read Midnight Sun, as u know this is the book of Twilight but from Edward’s perspective which is much more interesting that the insipid life of Bella.

Although to my horror and everyone’s who have read the book, well it turns out that the book is not finished in fact it only goes through the chapter 12 (Complications) but I realize that this “incomplete draft” as it calls Stephenie Meyer, it’s as long as the entire Twilight book. Midnight Sun has 260 pages and Twilight has 260, I talk about the PDF file, so if Mrs. Meyer would keep on writing we might have on our hands barely a 500 pages of Mignight Sun’s book, woot woot!!! But that’s not the reality, so pity.

Well then I re-read it in Spanish (which is my native language), but you’ll see, that version that is out there isn’t official, cuz actually there isn’t any official version in Spanish and I notice that it’s translated wrong. The first time I’ve read it I didn’t notice it, cuz I read it from my cellphone but now that I was reading it from my netbook, I see that was translated with google and it’s really bad done; so I have to read it from the original on English, actually I recommend it, because in Spanish, NO!, NO!, just can’t be read it that way.

I liked a lot more Midnight Sun because seeing from Edward’s mind you can understand many things, the picture that Bella has of Edward is totally poor in comparison with all the things that he really is, the love that Edward feels for her it can be understood a lot more when you read Midnight Sun and being a little sentimental and corny I can say, that if with Twilight many women fell in love with Edward Cullen… well with Midnight Sun you can end up in two ways… 1) Even more in love with him, more than to your real husband or boyfriend or 2) Frustrated cuz you don’t have an Edward Cullen for yourself in reality.

The draft make you want more and more, its madness to see and feel how he feels, I like a lot Stephenie Meyer cuz she knows very well all her characters, that you get into pages and pages where Edward is saying things in his head and in real time had only past a few second, it seems like he has been thinking all those things for hours. With Midnight Sun you understand a lot more about the natures of the vampire she had created.

Doing a little parenthesis here, I want to share with you how it was that I get to read Stephenie Meyer’s books. The last year 2009 around March or April, I’ve already hear some’ about Twilight but the truth is that I don’t paid any attention, it was just another movie from the bunch for me. And I confess that I had always been a really bad reader, a really big lazy reader and so I had never heard that some books named Twilight exist. The time went by and because I heard people talk and talk too much about the movie (the Twi-fans make that my collection of CinePremiere be incomplete, cuz in the December-2008 issue had on cover a picture of Bella and Edward and it was sold out in my town, couldn’t found it) I ended up watching it, and I mean no offense to anyone but to me it was a crap of movie, I didn’t understand anything, I get frustrated by the face of Robert Pattinson, yeah, that face you all love, like he was disgusted or something and I didn’t understand why Kristen Stewart put the face of horror all the time, neither his family or Alice, I mean nothing of nothing, the movie ended and I was frustrated. The only thing that I considered good was the photography and the music.

And well that frustration was the one who leads me, to want to know more about what might happen in the next movie, so I went to read New Moon and as I get so involve into the story that I also read Eclipse and by the end I had to read Breaking Dawn, and later after I finished them I’ve start to read Twilight the first book of the Saga and then Midnight Sun I’ve finished all the books in around a month, more or less. By that point I’ve was already a fan of the saga but from the books not from the movies. Then later last year I watched by second time the Twilight movie and guess what… I ended up the same way as the first time, piss off and frustrated, because they took away from the movie so many good things, they did whatever they wanted with the adaptation from the book. In my opinion the first kiss, it’s a lot more cute in the book that in the movie, and as that many other details that I will not mention here. And so, that was my immersion into the Twilight World. 😀

So far my favorite book of the saga is Breaking Dawn (‘cuz of the wedding, the pregnancy, Renesmee, etc… and I say that it worth to be two movies) that was the very first one i bought of the saga, I also liked New Moon, in general I like a lot the whole saga, including Midnight Sun, that is the one I was talking about.

I really think that if Stephenie Meyer someday continues with this book, I can assure that will be a big hit too. I guess many of us still have the hope that someday she gives us this good news. But by the moment we have to be content with these 12 chapters written originally by Stephenie Meyer.

Now just let me give you a little recommendation, to those who want to read in Spanish the rest of the chapters, I found a few months ago a FANFIC again a FANFIC wrote by my friend Alexa Cullen, where she keeps with the rest of the story from Edward’s perspective and she do it greatly. She also writes New Moon and in these moments she has ‘till chapter 20 of Eclipse. All of them from Edward’s perspective like in Midnight Sun. And I put you here the link for Midnight Sun in English.

I guess that it’s all, I extended a lot in this post, I still got a few things to say but I think I’ll do it in another post to write my full review of Twilight and to the whole saga, maybe… why not? 😛

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PS My apologies for any grammatical mistake you can find here.