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Hello, i’m here again on my blog 😛 after sevral days without update anything, i promise to catch up, i have so many things to post, now thank God and my dad finally I have internet again my house, I feel like I’ve back to civilization.

Well yesterday night thanks to my dady, I’ve to watch Shutter Island (Isla Siniestra), the moive already got my attention, I was several behind the scenes and it looks good, I like Martin Scorsese I thinks he’s a good director, but this movie wasn’t on my top 5 of must seen movies right away, which are 2033, Alice in wonderland (yes, the one of Tim Burton), Remember me, Dear John and Valentine’s Day… whatever the things is that my dad put on the movie on the main flat screen of the house so (and cuz I’ve already had turned off my netbook) I had to watch it.

The truth is that was interesting, the photography was great and the way Mr. Scorsese plays with the light it’s wonderful, I’ve liked a lot the performances of Leonardo DiCaprio and Michelle Williams they both are super strong, besides they’re extremely well directed. I saw a new DiCaprio, I was very used to see him as an actor from the bunch but with this movie he show us an character very mess up and it’s very good developed, I believed him everything.

The story it’s really intertwined in the beginning it seems something and as we go through the film you come with doubts about it, even about “your own sanity” (famous quote from my mom), a fact is that I guess correctly the ending of the movie at 30 minutes from it start; in my house we’ve as tradition or as play (dunno) to try to guess the end of the movies or the dialogue lines of the characters, obviously without already read the book or script otherwise that is cheat; it had happen to me that sometimes I think the resolution of the scene of some line but ‘cuz I don’t said it doesn’t count for my score (just to say), so who say it first win (what win? Well nothing just the satisfaction of beat the scriptwriter).

As I say, the story is very messy it cost me a little keep up the rhythm, it get me bored sometimes, I went to get a blanket cuz I feel cold and went I got back I didn’t miss anything if the movie; yes it’s fast but everything fall in its place as we go by. In the end I was right about my theory even though my dad still had some doubts, mine was the most certain. The next day in the over table from breakfast at my house I had to keep clarifying things about the movie to my mom, things like why had happened those things and why so many weird stuff.

The movie in general is really good, if you’re a thriller fan then you’ll love it, I’m not much, I’m more of the fiction and romantic kind of movies, although I liked the movie, I don’t thinkg it my  get in my top favfav of the year. I’ll have to wait what more I can get from the rest of this 2010.


Well the story it’s about (as they tell in the beginning) an investigation of a missing woman, and with this as fundament my mind start to work in about the motions in the screen, but I also start to see the dreams that this man has which are really crazy, even craziest than mine; the movie goes forward and I cross by some totally unreal situations which at the same time reinforce the main argument. The movie lead us to a point where the director wants to drives us all crazy and oh surprise he almost make it with my mom, the fact is that the dreams and the reality get intertwined that we end up crazy and don’t knowing if it’s a dream or reality, it happen so many things; and I think that as Leo DiCaprio said “this movie it’s like those u have to watch two or three times to get it completely” (paraphrase or some as that he sain) although I don’t think I’ll watch it again.

The most stunning scene of the movie, well at least it was for me, was when they tell why Teddy Daniel (Leo DiCaprio) was in that mental institution, everything that had happen was insane wow wow!, also the reasons why Dolores Chanal (Michelle Williams), his wife had kill her children and why she kill them, besides the reason why he blame himself from that, cuz obviously the get in shock and over the top of that kill his wife isn’t a easy thing, it surprise me the performance of Leo and Michelle in this scene, they were memorable and strong in this film.

What do u guys think?, Will u watch it again? Or You just keep your doubts?

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PS I know is based on a book and even after watch the movie, i don’t feel in the mood to read the book, this is really not my kind of book.