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I’ve decided to write down my opinion about the script “Circus” based on the book “Water for elephants” written by Sara Gruen, which is right now in production process in Ventura, CA.

I wanted very hard to read the book but I’m really very short of time, for you to know this post take me about 12 hours to write it, cuz I write it by short periods of time and to translate it from Spanish took me 3 weeks.

Well as I was saying, my attempt of reading got frustrated cuz I’ve only reached to page 10 of the book on the original version, because from what I read… well it made feel anxious to read the script right away, and OMG those were the 126 pages more entertaining I’ve read in such long time, the script is wow, amazing… and you probably wonder, why?…

Well in first place, I liked how the characters were builded, in a review that I read about this same script (done by an expert) said that a good written character, is that one which, we can get to know its past, present and future. And that is exactly what we’ll see (at least) on the main characters, Jacob and Marlena. I must admit that I don’t relate to any character personally, but even though for me was entertaining, interesting and very, very juicy.

In second place, I think it’s going to be very interesting (well, for me it is) to see how the director and altogether with the production team will create the locations and sets where the story is developed. How they will recreate the period of time where the characters are, which is in the 30’s during the great depression. I personally like a lot to watch this kind of movies, where the time they using is past or future, I get stunned by the amounts of time and detail the production invest to create or recreate the sets for the movies. Also this movie will have extra points in the level of difficulty for the fact that there will be animals on scene, so the organization in the production it be extra hard. I’m dying to watch Rosie or Queenie on screen.

And in third place, the CAST amazed me. In this movie will be two big…. I mean, huge movie stars of nowadays, I’m talking bout Christoph Waltz, OSCAR winner of this year, best supporting male actor, for his movie “Inglorious Basterds”, besides also we have Reese Witherspoon a Hollywood veteran and OSCAR winner.

So when I found out that Christoph Waltz was going to be part of this movie, immediately I knew I must read this script, to see which character he’ll be playing and when I read it, was wow!!! Only him could played “August” perfectly. And on the female lead role I know Reese Witherspoon will play a beautiful “Marlena”, she’ll be splendid I know it.

And oh yeah, almost forgot on the other lead role playing “Jacob” will be Robert Pattinson, let’s wait and see if he’ll fill in the OSCAR level this film has, don’t get me wrong I like him (a lot) if you have read this blog before you sure know that (if you don’t go and check out my Remember me review). And now working side by side with this two great actors I’m sure he won’t disappoint his worldwide fan-base, included myself.

Well that’s all I gotta say about this script and about what I’m expecting from the movie. Don’t promise to update this post, but here I’m adding some pics from the locations. I hope you liked this post, remember I have a twitter account that I update daily. Here I leave you a web page dedicated to the movie and everything realted to it, http://waterforelephantsfilm.com/

Thanks for reading and tell me, What do you expect from the movie? Well I expect to see flesh hahaha!!! 😀 just kidding, no I don’t expect that, actually there’s only one sex scene and I don’t think we’ll see any flesh, not from Rob… not from anyone, well have to wait for Bel-Ami to see some flesh =P


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PS Post updated and translated June 22nd 14:54 hrs while I’m listening “Amor Inexplicable” by David Alfano.