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Eclipse my final review

Well I dunno where start, are so many things that i want to say about this film, i waited for it and watched it with a huge excitement and I guess the first thing I must say is, that… was worth it!!!!

WARNING THIS REVIEW IS FULL OF SPOILERS, so if you are part of those unlucky ones that haven’t seen it, please stop reading.

Anyway I’ll go first with my objective review (I’ll try to be the most objective possible), I’ll write about three main things related to the movie, production, script and direction. I’ll try to be short but precise.

Production, as far as I could see they did a great job about this, I think they took a lot of care with everything related to the continuity of the saga, the locations, sets, the costumes were immaculate and especially the costumes were the right ones. But I have one complain (just one), wrinkled shirts on Edward!!!!! That’s insane, what happen there!!! Tish Monaghan that was very bad done darling, as Sheldon might say “in what universe”… Edward would wear wrinkled shirts!!!! None obviously!!! Ah *sight* ok I let it out of my system finally.

On the other hand a big hit was the makeup, Leslie Graham’s make-up artist shine on this release, although I did not like the performance of Victoria aka Bryce but I love her makeup, also Jane aka Dakota was phenomenal, with Bella I liked the way she looked at the battle scene and the final scene when she finally wear the ring, I must say that the eye makeup was very well done.

Similarly, the hair stylist Marisa Cappellaro did a phenomenal job with Bella aka Kristen wigs, although there were some scenes in which her hair was coppery tones and sometimes more brown; but I think it was due to lighting, not the wig itself. But the lighting was wonderful BTW, thanks to the wonderful Javier Aguirresarobe photography, the landscapes were a magnificent gift to us, I think my favorite is the one at the scene of the first kiss between Jake and Bella, wow that was gorgeous. However the production have a super mega EPIC FAIL by the error on Bella’s hand, her bandage appeared on the scene where they put it, but after that we couldn’t find it anywhere, not even when she got the ring or never, super fail. Anyway overall I think it was a great production work and coordination, (I’m not expert and I’ve never produced anything … mmm … well yes, but not on a large scale), so I thought it was great.

Script; the level of this script was higher that New Moon’s, however I think that everything I wanted to say about it, I say it in my 3 parts review, of Eclipse script vs book, so I can only add, that the improvisations were very good, Billy aka Charly is the master of improvisation, he was great … BTW “The sex-talk” scene was super fun, I laughed like crazy.

Directing; where could I start … OK, it was good, really good, actually was fine, but it left me with some… that something was missing… to me, something, something was lost in translation. I feel that, there was an abuse of close up and extreme close up, the most symbolic scene the whole movie, it was obviously the proposal scene and OMG!!!! I had suffered with the whole scene, just as I wanted a wide shot, David Slade made a medium shot!! And when I wanted a long shot guess what… well he throws a close up!!!! c’mon!!!! David pleaseeee!!!! That was the hottest scene of the film and the most emblematic and you did this to us!!!! What’s going on!!!! Well I blame him and the editor.

Besides, the battle scenes were very bad, mmm… well bad but very good too… well, I do not know, but the fight of the Cullens against the Newborns was awesome, but the one of Victoria against Edward, was very badly acted, it was well directed, was just that Bryce couldn’t fit in the role, the snarling!!!!! Was awful!!!!! And Rob… well he really has three left feet. In fact, the battle between Victoria and Edward was lacking from action, I expected more, much more evil, more ripping and I end up disappointed, at least Edward kills her the way the book says. Wolves were well, but they seemed very nice, rather than scare me, made me want to hug them.

A great success for David Slade, were the different sets that he presented to us from the Cullen’s house, I love to see other areas of the house, but now Bill Condon (director of Breaking Dawn) has the challenge of making the house look even bigger. Some key shots from the house were (for me), when Emmet and Jazz tracked after the “intruder”, the scene of the prom party, Edward’s room (was stunning) there, seemed very well this whole scene since Bella arrives, until Edward stands to hug her up in the air, and she finally gave the yes!!!!; it made me laugh that in the theater people even applause ‘cuz of the scene. Also I really liked the place when Rosalie tells Bella her story, we could see the river which is near the Cullen’s home, this is mentioned in Breaking Dawn, but I liked it that was included in Eclipse. I guess the only thing I did not like was the Cullen’s living room, well at least the TV seems very small, because if they do not remember, we were told they have or had a plasma TV 50″ (yes , I know, was destroyed by Edward in New Moon, but I think the Cullens wouldn’t bother to replace it: P).

On the other hand, I was speechless when David S. made a high angle, in the scene where Bella decides to go visiting Jake and Edward stops her, I love that shot. I liked the photograph of the first and the second kiss between Bella and Jake. I hate the animation Seth as wolf, I do not like it, not even a bit. And the break-up scene of Bella and Jake, I see it on my head in another angle, the lighting was very rough and the dialogue lacks an essential line … “The clouds I can handle. But I can’t fight with an eclipse”… do not know how Stephenie Meyer allowed this atrocity.

One thing that annoyed me throughout the movie, and do not know if are my eyes or is the fact that the film we see is a ugly TS, but it look fuzzy or blurry, there were many occasions when a point was focused and everything else looked blurry, that bothered me a lot. I’ll have to watch it again on DVD or BR to find out about this.

Well I think that is all of the objective side, uff!! Thought I was going to go extend again, as had happened with the script review.

Now the subjective part, I must say…

The movie achive the expectations from the most of the fans, the result are in the box office, but to me as a hardcore twilighter I give it a B-, was greatly directed, well edited, I liked the rhythm, I love several scenes, I love that the battle scenes were very raw, it has many A’s and was very stick to the book. Even though if I search for a scene out of place, I must say it was the bridge scene when Victoria and Riley are making out, that was totally out of context, I don’t like it.

Now the scrips as I say was right, however Melissa Rossenberg still own me quotes. The performances, like me a lot more in this installment but (I must say it!!!) Kristen Stewart still seem bland to me, in some scenes with Robert Pattinson still show that flat face, however are most the scenes where I like her that I hate her, and that is an upgrade on her. Robert… mmm… I just love him, I liked him way too much more on this movie than in the others, I loved to watched a happiest, smiling and funnier Edward. Taylor Lautner… was really, really good. But the who in my opinion shine in this installment were Kellan Lutz aka Emmet, Jackson Rathbone aka Jasper and Ashley Greene aka Alice, they were amazing, and Jasper OMG!!! Jasper!!!! His accent!!! He looks really cute, I was already TEAM JACKSPER and now I’m even more, let’s wait and see on Breaking Dawn he’ll be even greater.

The humans shine!!! Yeah shine by their absence, am I the only one who notice it? I guess they briefly appear in two scenes, in fact they’re irrelevant but it was very impolite to take them out of the hook so abruptly. Something that I truly love (and I’m not alone in this) was Alice wardrobe, it was great!!!! Was “so Alice”!!!! so beautiful!!! And Bella also looks much better than before. But Rosalie I don’t fall for her yet, I guess Nikki Reed hasn’t fulfilled the role, we got to remember that Rosalie’s characteristic is her astonishing beauty.

Ok… almost done…

I hate!!! Truly hate!!! that two main things from the book weren’t in the movie…

First, Denaly coven- They were erased of the map on this movie, why? I dunno? But I’m anxious to finally meet Tanya, Carmen, Kate, Irina and Eleazar.

Second Wedding gown-  I was so pissed that it wasn’t included in the movie!!! I know, I know, it’ll be more important on Breaking Dawn but anyway I wanted so bad to see it!!!!

Ok, now I’m finally letting this go. BTW this are (for me) the scenes that I think were deleted from the final cut:

–          Angela and Bella’s talk about boys.

–          Bella convincing Edward to not fight.

–         Edward as a Volturi on black ropes and red eyes.

–         The “no-complain” of Edward cuz of Bella and Jake’s second kiss.

–          The flash forward of Bella with Jacob.

–          Bella closes the window to Edward.

–          The way the truce is negotiated.

–          Charly showing his soft side with Bella.

That was all, thank u for reading, hope you all enjoy it and have had a good laugh, leave a comment. And tell me… What do u think about the movie? Fulfill your expectations? How many times will you watch it?

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PS Rachelle why you leave us!!! we missed you!!!!

PS In case i mught want this book TTS: Eclipse Illustrated Movie Companion —->TSE IMC