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I’ve wanted to watch this film since awhile but had not seen it cuz, you know… checking my twitter, walking around and other business I was up to 😛 until I sat down on last Sunday just to see it alone obviously (not for lack of company, cuz I prefer it that way) and with headphones, completely excluded from the world to watch it comfortably.

The truth is that I was so full of spoilers, from behind the scenes and some special shows I saw on TV, so I could not enjoy it as comfortably as it would have been, as if I had no idea what to expect. Although since the first time I saw the trailer, its place it on my list of must-seen films of the summer.

I’ve never been a fan of the films of Mr. Nolan, but I’m a fan of the subject in this movie, the dreams and I love the Scy-fy, plus Joseph Gordon-Levitt was in it. So that was what made me to invest my time in his movie, Inception.

First it’s a super cool script, I loved it, this script must be mileage, C. Nolan is a genius in scripts, since it last 2h30m it was super, I love it!; I spend stuck in it (even though my mom sent me to made the coffee, epic fail mom !!!) so totally hooked, the sets are crazy, completely out of this world which I love! (I think I have said many times “I love”: P) was also a masterful direction, I think this movie would become part of the curricula in schools of cinema, as it has many things very well developed.

The plot is simple “A man wants to see their children again”, but is also complicated, as it takes you through various events that, while you get tangled, it also clarify things. When you thought that the problem is already tangled enough to say enough is enough, and then it is not, still can be even more complicated!!!!!! And there, right there is where the madness explodes, is where you start to eat your nails, to pull you hair, chewing on things, to press pause because you cannot stand the suspense … well there is unleashed total madness!!!!

Performances, is needless to say that Joseph Gordon-Levitt gets to shine (finally!) for himself, he looks super cute, super nice, a fully-fledged actor. Ellen Page … well epic fail with her, the fact is that I sympathize, although in the movie she has a very important role, but it not surprised me or made me changed my opinion on her poor ability in acting; oh and also appears Marion Cotillard but since she does not appear naked in the movie, I think that’s why no one noticed her, it is noted that her performance was good but just good, not so shocking.

As particular note, the performance of Leo DiCaprio was again surprising for his fans, his roles are more serious, more mature, more “focused” in theory, even as he did with Shutter Island, here portrays a man married with children, with a crazy wife and is involved in issues related to the mind state. But still delivers an exemplary role, I’d said OSCAR worth but I really do not think so, plus I don’t think the academy will take it into consideration, since it is a summer movie and is a blockbuster.

And the most touching scenes and relevants, one was when, Ariadne (Ellen Page) comes in and starts to create the whole structure of the dream, the scene is very good, then when Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) tells Ariadne why he can’t see his children, and obviously the minutes before the end when they are at the 4th level of the inception and Mal (Marion Cotillard) is doing the mission collapse. I almost, almost sigh of relief when Cobb awakens, but I still doubt … what happened to Mal? in the end what really killed her? Cobb in his subconscious?, I think that would be the only way he could came back alive out of there.

Specifically, “Inception” is a super movie, with amazing special effects, spectacular performances, a splendid script, which gave stand to this entire wonderful world, a masterly direction, all ranks to become it a collection film. The end is epic and show us how powerful our mind can be, a super massive weapon we have within us.

Plus Sir Michael Caine appears on “Inception” a big featuring, as many would like to call him Grandpa. He is one of my favorite actors of all time. * Hands down *

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