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Desde hace ya varios años conozco la musica de Suzy Yaraei, es en extremo talentosa, me encanta su forma de interpretar las canciones. Ella y Leonard Jones son mis favoritos del Worship Team de MSM (MorningStar Ministries).


Since several years ago, I’ve know Suzy Yaraei’s music she’s extremely talented, I love the way she sing her songs. Also with Leonard Jones are my favorites from the Worship Team in MSM.

I went to that place, he was dying to pour my life on my Lord
I lift my head around him and the fragrance… up
I didn’t even noticed, when I … to …
His love is out of this world and I’m totally in love
He’s alive, he’s alive
And I’ve only just begun to worship him
I went to the place where they layed him to look above his…
Angels and … blessing and standing on his place
I’ve ask them where’s my lover, have you held him… from me
Cuz I’m so much more…
The one who sets me free they say
I know this is just the beginning
I know this wonderful way oh lying on a … and never ending praise
We went to worship in all our lives,
… oh Lord to the next level,
All our lives everyday everynight, over the day
Over the night to worship you like
We never could imagine,
Oh Lord you breakout over us,
Pourout, breakout, porout down into the
World, a worship that changes everything,
Ound of heaven sound of wonder, breakout,
Breakout, breakout…
Is good news, very very very good news,
Good news for me and you,
So much to look forward o
Supernatural in me and you, so much to do
So much to look forward to,
Supernatural me and you,
Everything we do, supernatural,
Supernatural, supernatural lives,
Supernatural children,
Supernatural should be normal,
Supernatural should be so normal,
We’ve only just begun to worhip you…