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Leonard Jones es un gran músico, al cual algunas veces le he perdido la pista pero siempre vuelvo a encontrar algo nuevo de él en la red. Esta canción tiene un ritmo divertido, creo que es country, me encanto el violin, wow, esta genial.

De nuevo aclaro la letra puede estar mal, asi que si tienen una mejor versión pueden colocarla en los comentarios.


Leonard Jones is a great musician, sometimes i’ve lost his track but I lways find something new of him on the net. This song has a funny rhythm, I think is country, I love the violin on it is wow so great.

Again… this lyrics is maybe wrong, so if you have a better version you can put it on the comments.

Burning Bush
Like I’m burning bush … not
Turning me aside
I’m burning but not consume
You have capture my eyes
Ruin my life for anything else but you
Now I’m stand on holy ground
I’ve turn my shoes off sight and bow
I get down lay down bow to the Lord
Taking my skin as low as it can go
Turn around run away from everything
That pulls me, that pulls me down
From the mist of the flame
Call it on my name
I’m send by the great I AM
You have change all my plans
Strength on my hands
Now where is the God of Abraham
I get down
When you call I will answer
Here I am
Get down