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Keeping on with the reviews, I think I’ve let this for later for so long now, I’m talking about The Twilight Saga books by Stephenie Meyer, the truth is that I didn’t wanted to write it down cuz I was being lazy, but now that in the Twilight related stuff are a little more relaxed, I think I can have this whim and put in on my blog 😛

Well as I’ve said many time before and repeat it again on this post, I’m a Twilight fan from the books, although I’ve support the movies as well and the actors from the saga in general, but I always said that the books are much more prettier “graphically” than the movies.

My favorite chapters from the book of Twiligh (only) are, Chapter 13: Confessions, 14: Mind over Matter, 15: The Cullens, 16: The Game, 23: The Angel, 24: An Impasse.
Must say that the chapter 13 Confessions, which the whole saga came from, is absolutely destroyed on the movie, the same for the chapter Mind over Matter, I think is too soft on the movie. But the thing I most I hate, was the very first kiss between Edward and Bella, cuz it was on a place and timeline totally different from the original on the book. On the book is mucho more beautiful, romantic, fun, brave, exiting… lovely pure lovely, and on the movie was like puagh!!! as if they were to lay down and go for it, but in the end was like a night stand that was interrupted, or something worse, use your imagination.
Whatever, this is not my favorite book from the saga but I know that it’s important cuz without it we may not have the other books; so here it is my opinion, I tried not say much because I know that there are thousands and thousands of other reviews out there on the web and well one more I guess it get lost among the other web pages and besides it won’t hurt.
Here you have the links to download the books English version E-book /// Audiobook are for the whole saga.
Hope you liked my blog and visited often.Kisses