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This volume of the saga, as the same as the whole saga the very first time I’ve read it was on audio book, a few weeks later after I saw Twilight the movie for the first time the last year(2009) on April. I read it (NewMoon) just for curiosity, to know what was going to happen on the next movie.


The book I must admit it isn’t a literature masterpiece, cuz on my opinion is slow, has holes, is very depressive, a lil’ confusing, sometimes I didn’t understand very well what happened or why happened; but… I know you’re going to hate me for this but… this is one of my favorite book from the whole saga!!!!!


Yes, I know!!! Is confusing but I felt so identify with Bella in this book, more than on the others; on this book even when she’s a little bitch with Jacob, that Edward is almost absent the most part of the book and that is her fault that both almost die; Bella realizes bout a lot of things of herself and her world, of everything; she put all her efforts to keep on living, but despite all she sees that she can’t with it and on the cliff she decided to leave it all and give it up. She grows a lot and matures and in the end she recovers, that’s why it’s my second favorite from the saga.


For many reasons… very specific ones, I feel attach to this book, but this reasons I can’t say on this post =D not without made you sign a confidentiality contract first hahaha so let’s just say that a lot of feeling that she had to face, I did it and also many millions of others too and that’s the reasons why New Moon became a personal classic for the whole life. Although I don’t think it is a classic for me, it is for many others.


Anyway, my favorite chapters are, Chapter 3: The End, Chapter 4: Waking Up, Chapter 22: Flight, Chapter 23: The Truth, Chapter 24: Vote.


Bout the movie, I’m hugely grateful for the change of director. I felt that the tone and the shades in the whole movie was great, I love it, I like it a lot more than the first one. Even though the three final chapter from the book and the epilogue at totally smash on the script, that almost lead me to hate the movie, but I didn’t cuz the saga was very improve and I hope it keeps going better and better.
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