Here we go again, on going with my book reviews bout The Twilight Saga of course, here it is the third volume; I really hope this be my last post bout Eclipse. But I’ve must admit Eclipse had its epic moments and besides there has been a lot of info around this book like for example the script, the movie and the soundtrack, so I’d talk more than enough bout this volume, even to the point that it might seems is my favorite but truth it isn’t.

Eclipse does have a lot of new things, as in every installment there are more characters adding to the story as the wolves, more vampires… the bad ones but any way more vamps; from the wolves Seth and Leah, are the most relevant, from the vampires there are more lines on Jasper’s character and in Rosalie. To my opinion bout the movie click here and to know bout the movie script click here.

And therefore Bella and Edward’ relationship (which is the more I love bout this book) well is a lot to say… well to read, starting with the WEDDIN TOPIC *giggles* 😛 and is in this book where we finally can read the compromise of Bells and Ed, is awesome, love it!!!!!!

Mi fav chapter were, 5. Imprinting: liked a lot how Jake and Bell emend their friendship. 6: Switzerland: Watched Jake and Ed fighting over Bells is fun. 8: Temper: The grizzly bears rage isn’t like this version but I liked it. 14: Declaration: Jacob as always fighting awkwardly, hopefully and ruthlessly. 20: Compromise: sorry for the badmouth but … DIE EDWARD CULLEN, I hate you for being so perfect!!!! On this chapter is the first prize dialogue, among all the dialogues of the whole saga. 22: Fire and Ice: Duel of Titans should be the chap title but I must admit that Fire and Ice is perfect due, and here it is the second best dialogue of the book. 23: Monster: Jacob is dirty doggy with no scruple, that’s why Rosalie is always arguing with him. 26: Ethics: The very first place in dialogues of the book and also the most devastating farewell of the whole saga, every time I read it again I cry, can’t help it, everything is so perfect. 27: Needs: to read Edward quoted Wuthering Heights was unbelievable. Epilogue: Choice: Meyer give us on this volume a glimpse of Jacob’s mind, is totally heartrending.

Wow I guess were too many chapter, I’ve never noticed before that it were so many, I’m so drippy that I only liked the chapter when Ed and Bells are pouring honey or fighting and made up, also when Jake is fighting for Bella and especially when Jake and Ed fight 😛 just now I notice it.

Highlight points as my favorites in the book are:
– Jake and Bella’s first kiss
– Marriage proposal
– Jake and Ed’s dialogue on the tend
– Jake manipulating Bells so she kiss him
– Alice begging for planning a wedding to Bella
– Alice showing to Bella her wedding dress *giggles*

Well that’s all, I’m exceed a little bit on this post. But I’m almost finishing. Just left to thank you for your time to read this and for your comments.

PS Here’s a vid from the movie.


PS2 To get some links for the books go here.