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Beyond that on this movie Robert Pattinson appears a few times, the movie is entertaining, the topic is tangled but is because is a very common topic, beside mother-daughter fights are part of the everyday life, in every country, language and social status, so is easy that the female audience identify with the movie.

I loved to watch Catherine Tate, this actress I saw her (not personally) a few months ago on The Doctor Who series playing Donna Noble; I liked a lot her accent (every British accent anyway), she’s so funny I love to see her doing comedy, a side of her that can’t be seeing on this movie but anyway to watched her was nice.

Must confess that I started watching the movie for Rob 😛 obviously but when I saw ‘Donna’ I forgot Rob, have to said again CT is a great actress. Bout Rob well he surprises me a lot, his character is so, so cute and awkward, the way he flirt with the girl and she treats him, love it!!!! The character is hilarious, since the very first scene when he’s walking behind that girl, I couldn’t resist to laugh, he looks so different from his other characters, here he’s the freak guy freak really freak, is the typical ugly guy nobody pays attention, but at the same time is sweet and cute, by the end of the movie is like the boyfriend we would like to have, smart, rich and most importantly real.

Very funny movie, small budget but is worth it, for Rob but more for Catherine Tate.