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For start there’s no way I can’t regret to watch a movie from Mr. Michael Sheen, only for him I started to watch it. Then as the starring name start to roll at the beginning og the movie I was like no way!!!! Carrie-Ann Moss y SAMUEL L. JACKSON were on the movie too!!!!!

Then I had no idea about the plot, I watched it cuz my dad told me to, so as the movie move forward I knew what all was about. Steven (Michael Sheen) is a dude that builds up three nuclear weapons, and place them across the USA. Samuel L. Jackson plays Mr. H, is a professional interrogator or in other words a professional torturer, to which the government demands him to find the exact location of the booms. Later Carrie-Ann Moss as Helen portrays an FBI agent who gets access to the torture session by H and that’s how the big dilemma was made.

Everything that happens on that room located at a “non-existence” place, is really traumatizing, if you are the kind of people with sensitive stomach and pro-human right you might prefer not to watch the movie. I think that everything that the character H does is inhuman but even that becomes a heroic act because it saves millions of lives.

I think that if those kinds of people exist, the ones like H, I guess we should say thank you for doing that huge sacrifice they do. Cuz is clear and we see it on the news daily, it exist people like Steven Arthur Younger and cause thousands of millions of deaths.

Is a strong film, with a delicate topic, but most importantly for USA and the war against terrorism and drug trafficking. I repeat if you have a strong nerves watch it is pretty good. That’s it.

PS Definitely Michael Sheen is one of my favorite actor of all time, he’s so awesome and kind, really nice person. FYI he choose to play ‘Aro’ on The Twilight Saga: New Moon because his daughter told him too, no need to say it was the best decision he ever made. =D