I’m a huge fan of the animated series, Avatar, I love Aang and Appa, plus Jackson Rathbone as Sokka, OMG!!!!, this movie was something I couldn’t missed!!!!!! To some people the movie was disappointing but not for me, I had fun watching Appa!!!!! I’m crazy for a six foot flying bison!!!! I just love it!!!!!

The movie is pretty well, dunno why the press is so whiny, all character are on the movie, and obviously it can’t be everything so perfectly copied from the series, besides the director has all the right to choose his cast. The problem it’ll be a little bit the script, cuz Aang is pretty serious on the movie and in the series he’s all smiles and joy, that’s the only black dot I can see on the movie.

Anyway, I think that the movie is very faithful to the original story, hope soon be announced the release date for the next installment. I happily would go to watch it.

Here’s a comparison between Appa on the movie and Appa n the animated series.