I’ve been fan of this franchise since the first movie, cuz I’m fan of the dancing, I don’t dance, well not professional or amateur, but I love to watch it.

So since I saw the announcement on IMDB that the movie was in production I’ve been waiting anxiously. Finally I could watched it bout 2 weeks ago, and is AWESOME, everything about the dances was stunning, I wish I could have at least a centesimal part of the talent and rhythm those dancers have.

Something I don’t like was that the story didn’t land, it seems that they didn’t take too much care bout it, I felt like there were missing things, but at the same time I guess that because the follow two love stories on the script, the lose the track and the thing fail a little, if they could only focus on the story of Moose and Camille that would be better.

On the other side, I really don’t like nothing nothing, Natalie, she’s a great dancer that can’t be denied, but she’s kinda ugly and way too too much skinny. Luke is hot, but not so much as the other male starring cast on the first installment … Channing Tatum, Rick Malambri is like a 7 and Channing Tatum is a 15!!!!! There’s no way to compare, hot vs hotty. XP

The dance is EPIC!!!!! From the beginning to the end, the sequences are great, the choreographies are in other level in comparison with the previous movies, are things much more complicated. Something I like on the script was that little inside documentary movie they made on the character Luke, bout the reasons why the dancers dance, I liked a lot.

In general the movie is awesome, which I would love to watch it on the theater and on 3D but I couldn’t, is the only I regret. For anything else gt ready to be stun, this movie is really really great. Plus is a Summit Entertainment movie so, we gotta support them.