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Actually I’ve seen it by mistake; it wasn’t my greatest idea that day by I watched it. Didn’t disappoint me the whole movie itself but it disappoint me the fact that they had said that this was the last movie of the franchise and it was an absolute lie.

Sorry bout the mega spoiler but it was needed, well the movie isn’t that bad, by the way I saw it on 3D technology and I didn’t felt the difference, even thought there are some scenes really epic, I guess that the best part of the film are the first 15 minutes and then the scene where Alice and Clare fight against that colossal thing with a huge ax, was epic.

After that you can go and take a nap, as my cousin did, dunno how she made it but well, mean while I was screaming cuz the zombies, every time they make them grosser.

Anyway the one thing liked was the clothing and Alice’s boot are great, also the make-up was nice, if I had that skin tone surely I’d make-up myself like her. I’m an obsessive about make-up and clothes.

That’s it, c’ya.