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Unfortunately I hadn’t expected anything from this move specifically and I actually didn’t get anything. Sorry to say it for Kristen Stewart’s fans but if u want to hear her singing you better watch ‘Into the Wild’ I like her very much on that movie.

This movie is around this band named ‘The Runaways’ how it get to fame and how easily fell from it. I think there is nothing relevant bout this movie, except that production made a great job recreating the styles and the outfits form that decade, the make-up was nice too, it seemed appropriated.

But in general terms, the film don give anything to the audience, no value, no principals, not even a moral story, just nothing. I watched it only for Kristen and Dakota their performances are good, not great, this level of acting was more mature but for me was more of the same coming from them. They said that ‘they didn’t do the movie because the wanted to show how rebel they are’ but that it seems to be the only logical reason I think they actually made the movie for.

And bout the kissing scene between K and D, well is nothing actually is just a space that had to be fill in, is totally out of the topic, and are even bad shooting you can’t see a thing, whatever. The main stream of the story supposed to be the way the band was formed. I think that all the things these women had to live through was really hard and bad, I feel sorry for them. I hope K and D don’t feel these characters as a reflection of themselves, I’m looking forward to see more of them in the future.

Thank u for reading c’ya