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It got my attention that this movie was compared with Cloverfield and District 9, this last one was one of my favorite movie from last year and the other one well I couldn’t hate it more.

Monsters is a little like a road movie mixed with documental and love story, is entertain, actually I was expecting a little more from it, no offence I’m not saying that is a total waste, in fact has really nice landscapes, locations the script is very creative, that I liked, but I felt like was lacking of action.

Think a second about it, if you get to the movies and see the poster and see the title, maybe you get the idea that is an action movie full of machine guns and well actually huge and creepy monsters right?, I mean that’s what I thought but ‘oh deception’… yeah there are monsters but they’re not terrifying and don’t scare you, they just look like gigantic octopus, that liked sparkling lights.

Although I must add that the movie was made with a skinny budget around 15,000 dollars (as IMDB says) and that is a very, very little budget, then if we take that in count, the truth is that the move is good and it’s worth to watch (94 minutes) and spend your money to go and support it at the theater.

Maybe if we support it someday this director, writer and editor Gareth Edwards can get to the light other projects more promising that this, which I repeat isn’t bad; I wish I could be him and say that I made this movie with that tinny budget or at least say that I made something, that is really good as this movie. That will be something to say.