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I saw several trailers and read some reviews. On the trailers it really looked interesting and got my attention honestly. The original film never liked me, must say I had never watched it (not that I remember) but I guess is for the fact that I don’t like that decade, not even the music, fashion, no nothing bout it, doesn’t matter that I was born on that time.

The 80’s dislike me a lot, anyway cuz that I wanted to watch this movie. But for my disappointment it wasn’t anything that I expected not even half of it, the dance was very low, the lead voice they had for the film was good but no awesome, the acting was mmm bad, everything feel amateur, if this movie was from an fresh graduated student from a filmmaking school, I would say congrats, but it wasn’t like this.

And right at the top climax of the movie everything felt empty, nothing convinced me, besides the script was predictable, thing that I totally hate from a film. The only thing that I liked was Kay Panabaker she was the only one who highlight from the entire film. I can’t deny that the dancers are great, I respect that and I’m sure that this film might help them to get other roles, they all are really talented.

The mistake might be on the director, the production or the script (which is the most probable), anyway the point is that I didn’t like the movie even though I watched the extended version, the final cut from the director, that were bout 2 hours of my life.

And at the top of everything, almost at the end, when I thought that they were going to perform an epic song, they put in that place a “gospel” song, that seemed more an anti-gospel song, the lamest thing was they thought, that when you wear-on a long robe that means they are ‘golpelish’ and give them the right to sing a song with lyrics totally out of what God is about.

Anyway, if you are going to watch it, prepare yourself to be bored, and if you hadn’t watched it, good cuz it’s worthless; even if in 10 years you might watched it is ok, you won’t missed anything.