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Based on a book with the same name. On Spanish was named “Dejame entrar” the original title is “Lat den ratte komma in” the translation of the title in English would be “Let the right one in”. Is a Swedish movie and lately I have been eager to watch foreign films, I mean what’s wrong with my brain?!

But overall, the movie was slow, very slow, it has very nice frames is very well made it, for me at least; the thing is that I felt like it was needed a little more action, the few action sequences are far apart. I’m not a vampire fan (only Sthephenie Meyer vamps’ I like) because I really feel very scary and disgusted (sometimes) by them, then seeing this movie put me a little nervous.

I had it on hold for about a month, I had to see by the day, on a bright room and surrounded by people … but in the end, ain’t scare me, just the opposite for me it seemed more tender. I think the scene I … SPOILER ALERT … felt shocked was when Oskar challenges Eli to enter his home without him to invite her, it was heavy and tough. Eli did it cuz she loves him. In the end the movie is very creepy but is worth to watch.

Very good film, since I did not read the book, although I can be almost 100% sure that if I read it, I’d like it, but I prefer to stay with the image that the movie left on me, I recommend it very much. Now I’m waiting … LET ME IN the american version of this film, interested me because it is a ‘remake’ and because Chloe Moretz will play Eli. Let the Right One In.