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I saw it yesterday between fighting with the subtitles and trying to understand what was happening in the film, I was entertained and I achieve the victory. In the end, I saw it with some terrible subtitles that didnt served much for the cause, because was all wrong. Anyway.

This film, caused much hype in the network, because it was supposedly based on the creation of Facebook, which is true but more than that, seemed to me that is about how once again it is confirmed that to became a millionaire you have to go over your friends and get on out on your own. As with Bill Gates, who even has a cameo in this movie, if is not him, his name at least is on the film, and also it is a film by David Fincher who directed “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” and now is directing “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.”

I’m anti-facebook, for the simple fact that I have it but almost never use it; the thing is that people take very seriously the facebook. The movie is entertaining, while shows how was its foundation and also Mark finished showing us that fb can be harmful to your mental health.

By the way Andrew Garfield who plays Eduardo Saverino, I love it!! OM! looks super cute in a suit!!!! I really liked that he had been involved in this film with a very interesting role. Justin Timberlake was also great. But the prize goes to the twins!!!! They are very well and have a voice… wow! I thought it was fake or modified (although who knows, maybe) but they are worth to watch 😉