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For several months, I been seeing on my Twitter timeline, there were a lot of tweets that talk about Scott Pilgrim, the point is that never got my attention.Then one day, watching trailers on, I saw the movie poster, was nothing impressive or extraordinary, but caught my attention and since then I had been looking forward to see that movie.

The trailer is hilarious, but the film is way much better, I hadn’t expected that was so, so good; I’ve already seen it two complete times, and my brothers (24 and 17 years) have seen it more times than me.

Anyway the movie is hilarious, although it is necessary to know enough about the American pop culture or to have something of geek in you to understand it completely. A plus is the music that’s great and the soundtrack is among my favorites of the year.

From beginning to end, the film is full of cliches of video games, comics, music, there is also unintentional comedy that is hilarious in the end, but it is not an easy film to understand, the jumps in time are quite steep but at the same time fun.

Of course is a must seen film. Also must be on every film collection of every movie-buff, since it was directed by Edgar Wright . And even move if you are a comic-book fan, video-gamer or if actually you considered yourself as a geek. In my opinion Wallace played by Kieran Culkin and Scott’s sister played by Anna Kendrick (aka Jessica Stanley on the TTS: Eclipse) are the ones that steal the movie.