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Since it started to release trailers, teasers and official photos of the movie, I was like a manic… for not seeing any of it!; every time that a trailer was on the TV or my brother put it on the PC I covered my ears and closed his eyes as little child and I didn’t allowed myself to see any preview of the film. I wanted to be ‘spoiler free’.

And I did make it, I went to the theater courtesy of my friendy CarmenCZA, she invited me (so she paid :P), since she is a fan of the Harry Potter more than me, I have not even read any book (clarifying I’ll read them when the franchise be ended), as I said she is knows more about the saga and ended up more confused than me.

It was very good in my opinion, I liked much more than the previous one, which I can assure you, no lie, I do not remember almost anything, I love the clothes!! That red dress Hermione Granger wear (designed by Jenny Packham) was lovely and LaFleur wedding dress (designed by Alexander McQueen) was perfect.

The story was a bit more tangled than usual but I liked the way they used the flash-backs, so it helped me to understand what they were talking about. I surprised myself remembering scenes from previous films, and even as I haven’t seen them more than one or two times each.

Really great movie, I liked, I should mention that the music score was composed by Alexandre Desplante… amazing!!!, I loved at first, I listened and it sounded familiar, in a very strange way. Since I’m not listener of the score of every film I watch, I didn’t think I actuallu knew the name of the scorist, so in the end when I saw the credits and saw the composer’s name, obviously I knew it looked familiar to me, the way the melodies flow and why at the end sounded so lovely, Alexandre Desplante composed the score for New Moon!!!! Dah!!!!

Now I look forward to the latest installment of the franchise, so entertaining, that has made history with each installment.