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5 months took me to see TS3, as I’ve always said, I’m not a fan of this franchise so I wasn’t really eager to watch it.

But in fact I ended watching it, cuz I was without internet, so I had to watch it to entertain me for a while. The movie was everything I had heard of it, hilarious and very tender.

I cried from the opening scenes until the last one, is very, very sweet, obviously a classic as its predecessors. It made me feel old, but it was nice to see those characters I grew up with and see even more were added.

There was heartbreaking scene in which (almost final) Woddie decides to stay with friends, when Andy gives the toys to the little girl, is really sweet that scene, I loved it.

I will not see it, again, because if I do it, I know that I will cry again and I’m quite shy to cry in public, hahaha. You cannot miss this movie, is entertaining, interesting, exciting, very funny, super sweet, wow, I could go on but I think specially this film is for adults that will see from a third view, how it was to leave behind that childish things and grew up to became young adults.

Simply lovely.