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The truth is I didn’t know that Coraline was a book, I found out that when I read a bit more about the film. And immediately I locate the book and began its reading.

Is hilarious, I liked is simple, easy to understand, entertaining, has good pace, the characters are super crazy, I love it, although I have my good 25 years old, and the book is supposed to be for kids I found it interesting.

Coraline is a girl really curious and mischievous, I wish children of today were like this, but bout the parents; the truth is that many are so bad nowadays like Coraline’s. They spend more time on their jobs, hobbies and computers, instead of dedicating it to their children.

The book gives a very good message, it seems appropriate and despite being a book published several years ago, it faithfully reflects today’s society.

The writing is very easy to follow, I liked it is short, as I read it in one sitting completely. I hope you follow my recommendation. Here’s  the book so u can download it Neil Gaiman – Coraline (use right click and save as).


PS I’ve already watched the movie and guess what, I LOVE IT!!!! is so crazy as the book, my mom still don’t understand why i like it anyway maybe she’ll never get it, what ever. Enjoy.