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For several years, I have been a big fan of this movie, but had never read the book, the truth is it was cuz laziness, but now it was time to do so.

I also consider myself a fan of Jane Austen, I also saw the movie, it’s pretty epic, I loved it. But back to Pride and Prejudice, I have seen several versions, if not all of ‘em, because I’ve only seen the version starring by Keira Knightly playing Elizabeth Bennet, and the version of Colin Firth playing Mr. Darcy.

As I read the book and I loved it, much more than the film, though in truth I expected much more, the third-person narrative do not convince me at all; but the very funny dialogues by Ms. Bennet make me LOL, thank God my mom does not act like her.

Really a good book, good narrative, the landscapes, the pace, the dialogues, it is also a short book, it took me about a week, taking into account that I read it from two to three hours a day, that for me is a book relatively short.

You know, the book always exceeds the film, as has happened to me several times and this time was no exception. If you already watched the movie you must read the book, it’ll be fun you won’t get bored, I can assure you.