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Had been a while I was seeing on several blogs and websites the cover of this book, but I finally decided to read it because Liss doesn’t stop talking about Patch, and I just did not understand why!!! Until i read it.

First point in favor for this book is, the first person point of view (1pPOV), second: from the first page the plot along with the mystery it hooked you up and third: Patch I mean the super hottie guy in the novel.

As I said before, Patch has an unusual charm; in fact, I had to read the second book to made Patch finally like me; the first book shows only its awful bad-boy side rather than his angel-like side.

I can’t deny that he’s been described as handsome, but his attitude didn’t made me, totally fall in love of him, I’ll have to wait until the third book. With Hush Hush (HH), the first volume of the series, I’ve find many things related to Twilight.

On HH the story began to take shape, it becomes dangerous, but at the same time Patch is always there to control everything, and then on Crescendo Nora and Patch break-up, practically is Nora who made the call-out but everything has much deeper repercussions than just the break-up, which brings to Nora more troubles than on the first volume. The end of the second book is HOT and gave me almost a heart attack, is very good, which made me angry with the author, because it leaves everything at the very end on suspense. Now I’m dying to get the third book previously titled ‘Tempest’ but now has no title.

I also wanna re-read HH but now fully in English, because that translation I’ve read didn’t fully satisfied me, when I was reading Crescendo, find details with reference to Hush Hush that didn’t understand, so I have to re-read it, but I’ll do it this new year.

Anyway, this is a nice book, fun, yet I do not quite fall in love with him, but I like it, but people should read in English, cuz contains many phrases that are only funny in English. HushHush and Crescendo are a must-have for your personal library, if your ‘thing’ is the romance, drama and mystery, or simply are attracted to stories of fallen angels (which is not my thing) whatever if you want something fun to read this is what you are looking for.

Here is the link to download the book. Hush Hush_-_BF ING ///  Bec Fitz – Crescendo ENG (Right to “save as”).