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I found this book on a visit to Porrúa bookstore, but didn’t buy it, even that struck me what I read on the back cover. Months passed and I could not read it, then until just a month ago I went to the bookstore again and found other more title added to the same series.

It was then, that once and for all, I gave me the task of searching and get it, after being astonished bout some little articles I’ve read on blogs and web pages that recommended, it left me blown away.

The first book I loved it; that whole social structure, post-modern that Lois Lowry created, was really impressive, the starring characters conquered me, Jonas wow and then Gabi at the very the end of The Giver, I love him. Aside for the fact that it is a book written in third person, so that gives it extra credits, since I’m not a fan of this type of narrative structure, and even with that I liked the book a lot.

It is a very different book, since I’ve read several, I cannot brag and say that is different of anything else I’ve read, because the truth is, I have not read much, but the author’s narrative is very different from other books, she’s just concise in motions and didn’t stop long on description of places or emotional environment.

Although the only thing to me as a reader, I felt that it was lacked of the detail in the emotions, which is mentioned, but as Lois L. is not much given to flourish in emotion or in almost anything, that was all I felt it should have done a bit more.

The end of the book left me so frustrated!!!! with the heart in her mouth, full of tension and fear for the future of Jonas and Gabi. But still I loved it and want to see the movie so bad.


PS This version of the cover says so much bout the book, is amazing totally love it 😀

PS Here my review of The giver II: Gathering the blue and The giver III: The Messenger.