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INTRIGUED, that’s the only word I can find to describe how I feel about this book.

I like it a lot, and also getting to know Matt from the second installment, the third book focuses on him, now as Matty. At least since the beginning of the book you can feel the connection with the first volume.

In this third installment of The Giver, the author explores more the feelings of the characters, which I thanked very much, then to add special features to the main characters Matty, Kira and ‘Leader’ Jonas and the story development is faster, though is full of questions (and no answer, yet), is quite animated, has a bit of romance and is as tangled as the beginning of the saga.

The end is heart-stopper and teary, is a lovely final, but it did not convince me at all, I hope one day the author announce the news that will published the fourth book.

And still left me many questions, the main thing is what happened to Gabi?, is mentioned only once or twice that there is a blue-eyed boy who came with the leader but no further information!, another thing that left me with doubts, is to know what happened on the community of Jonas?, after he runaway? and left the community, with the pain and grief of having to remember those memories?

PS Here my review of  The giver I and  The giver II: Gathering the blue.

Finally, with this last volume I ended delighted with the series, I really enjoyed reading it, is quite simple, well not so much for me, sinceI read it in English, so I had to be attached to a dictionary, even not so much as imagine but very often .

Here is the link to download the book. Messenger – Lois Lowry (Right to “save as”).


Note: The book I only managed to find it on English, courtesy of my friend PamelaPPI (she’ really a life-saver, what would I do without you girl!), so if you are Spanish speaker and u have it roll it to the community 😛