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By one word I was drawn to this book, LUCE, although the information is classified as Top Secret by me, I mean the reason why I cannot say it is that caught my attention… I’m babbling, whatever. Keep reading.

I started reading it by mistake, because I thought beginning it on 2011, but now that I find the audio-book version, I could not resist to putting it on my mp3 player to listen to it. And I was not disappointed, all I had read about the book was the synopsis and it does not give away a lot of information before reading it, but it really got me, like with Hush Hush, this is once again a story of fallen angels, which even now haven’t convince me at all and besides I do not believe on it.

Again it is the typical story at a school, where the girl meets the boy, but since the first chapter tells a mysterious death, caused by Luce, but even she is sure how it happens. Although from the preface, I began to love Daniel!, towards the end of the book I ended up falling all the way down for him.

Also that in the end it all becomes a total disaster, which I liked, as well to realize that Daniel loves Luce, knowing a small part of what he has been through for her, is EPIC!!!! Wow!.

Daniel is my new favorite male fictional character!!! (though Edward Cullen remains in first place), this first volume, people cannot see the dimension, the size and extent of the love of Daniel for Luce, and I think even on the second book it cannot be fully palpable, thought I think it’s really important decoding Luce’s past lives rather than want to decipher Daniel’s mystery angelical life.

I’m in the process of completing the second book, then I’ll write the review of Torment later, meanwhile, I highly recommend to read Fallen, but I think in Spanish you put “Los Oscuros”, anyway the book is pretty cute. The narrative is in first person, I think that’s the main reason why the overly liked book more than I’ve imagined.

Here is the link to download the book.  Lauren Kate – Fallen (Right to “save as”).


PS Here it is officially my review of Torment