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After discovering that Daniel make me think too much about angels, I have to read the entire series, so now I devour Torment.

I feel that everything happens in so brief time, that the author does not give us time to digest the things that Luce is learning, the third-person narrative begins to bother me a bit but not enough to pull away the book, if she just to let me know more about the feelings and emotions of Luce, I’d be happy, sometimes I wish I could be on her mind 100%, but the author just gives us that plane, the third point of view.

In the end, despite everything about the narrative, the book is exciting, even more exciting than the previous, in this installment, the author takes us more deep into the supernatural side rather that the common side of Luce, which generates many more questions in us as readers, some of the unknowns of the previous book are unveiled, not many, but by knowing more about the other lives of Luce, other questions arise that make us rethink things Luce and her surroundings and Daniel, which is more and more beautiful !!!!! Wow I love him more and hate him more in this installment, but the side of Love it grew much more with the preface, OMG!!!!! my dear Daniel suffers so much, I am not happy but it is hard to see, rather I mean, to read his suffer because of Luce, is EPIC!!!

Again, the book stops at an EPIC moment and now we all have to wait until ‘Passion’ gets to our hands in this June 14, 2011, just a little longer!!!! while I wait I’ll have to re-read it in English, this time 馃槢

Great book, I could not put it down.

Here is the link to download the book. Lauren_Kate_-_Torment_ING- (Right to “save as”).


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