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Fire, Fire, Fire … the title for start, is attractive, this sequel is much lighter than the other one, but at the same time is more intense.

The relationship between Fire and her environment is the most strange, herself is the strangest thing I’ve ever read, it happen that there were things bout that made laugh, like that she had an escort during the days of her menstruation, that was sounds crazy. Fire is in many things, like Katsa’s opposite side, one is quite remarkable, the fact that at all time Fire requires to be take cared of, and Katsa is 100% independent.

Also the guy that Fire fells in love with, Brigan, he didn’t made me fall for him at once, but I can not deny he had some beautiful details and I liked him a lot. On the other hand I totally dislike at all, that Fire was Archer’s friend with benefits, she’s a bitch.

Fire do stupid things, and Brigan is an enclosure man, that does not show a-thing, then don’t know if it was his way of courting her or just that he wanted to chat with someone, but their relationship in general is quite strange, most of the time, according to the book, they are separated, he was in the north riding through his kingdom and she was at the King’s City, doing nothing but interrogating prisoners, in addition, her ability as a monster, wasn’t very clear, as was Po’s grace of mentalist.

And on top of everything The War, OM! It is a total disaster, death and more deaths, I do not like that. The book is slow, I even lost a little desire to read it, but I am so like “you must finish what you started”, at the end I’ve rather prefer a wedding, and the author I could have won me, but I just got a filthy funeral, which for me was nonsense, but hey, is her book not mine.

Thought the book was interesting, entertaining (if you like war stories), revealing, sometimes heart stopping. I liked that at least it clears the doubt about who the heck was Leck? and how was that he arrived at Monsea?, that was the most redeeming thing in the book.

Now I’m waiting anxiously for Bitterblue, which according to the author, goes along with Graceling and Fire, this will be located six years after the end of Graceling. So far there is no release date, but hopefully it’ll be on this year.

Here is the book. Kristin Cashore – Fire ENG