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The introduction that made Anne Hathaway and James Franco, was very funny, also when, Anne talk to H. Jeff Bridges and says “I really liked what you did in Tron” (sort of) and the performance of the “Brown Duck”, wow that “beauty” dance by Anne H. hilarious!!

In the first speech, they mention Toy Story 3, ‘where is the truth?’, just a day earlier I was discussing that with my younger brother. Then the Anne musical claim to Hugh Jackman, the most funny thing was that he was there in the front row, he was having a lot of fun and having a great time while watching Anne dancing by herself.

About the ceremony itself, it seemed rather dull, I think there were only two or three times that I was truly amazed and speechless; over the ceremony I loved Anne’s enthusiasm about each act, I thought she was very “fangirling”, like me XD I identify a lot with that, I think I would have been equally enthusiastic like her, and that added freshness to the event and conduction of the ceremony itself. James Franco was… so so, in general I think he’s very charismatic, has a nice smile, but as a comedian and with Anne, leave much to be desired, I felt that Anne was the one who took the baton for the event, he was more like a side kick, than a host. We can clearly see the idea with this picture.

As for the winners, I found myself guessing successfuly the names of the winners before they were mention, I thought I would not guess anyone, cuz I did not see all nominated films, I just watched The King’s Speech, Black Swan, Inception and The Social Network which were on hard-fought, in addition to Toy Story 3. It was noted very boldly, for my taste that they (the Academy) gave to Inception the consolation prizes, winning in less important categories, I was pretty sure they would give ‘em the Oscar for Best Picture to TSN, but my favorite was TKS , and I really liked that voters of the Academy, had awarded a film with great values and history, and we have been given a bit of hope, for more and better generations of filmmakers, making a statment by saying that with a small budget you can achieve many great things . As they did last year with The Hurt Locker the award that little film by Katheryn Bigelow.

Among the presenters, Billy Crystal introduced to Bob Hope on stage, to present Jude Law and Robert D., who presented the award for Best Visual Effects. It is special segment, “In Memory” Celine Dion, was beautiful,she look like a huge peacock, strutting with pride over their newborns, last October, her performance was flawless. Mandy Moore and Zachary Levy, did their thing, Mandy looked gorgeous in that stunning blue dress, but my favorite was FLO = Florence Welch, her dress was very nice, her performance was like  wow!, she was stunning, both on the red carpet, as in stage, but that color does not convince me at all.

In presenting the award for best foreign film, Helen Mirren surprised me with their lines in French, I imagine that the French people, must have enjoyed it too. Something I did not understand from the set (someone explain to me) was the of the “domino” chips on the ground, I just do not understand that concept; also a detail that had gone unnoticed was the movable platform on which was the band, I found it very interesting and bold. And speaking of music, that special music clip with scenes from Harry Potter, Toy Story 3, TSN and Eclipse was the best, that they did in the night was fun, get a laugh of me, the ” He Doesn’t Own A Shirt ” moment could not be missed.

Near the end, when almost all was said, I expected the last speech of the hosts, which was very, very brief, I was surprised watching these children play an iconic song of  film, besides being one of my personal favorite song of all time, then be joined by the winners of the night, was really touching and nice,  they leave us with that image as a grand finale.

In general the ceremony was good, although I feel it a little tedious. I hope that the next year, we have more action and more comedy on stage, I must say I miss Steve Martin.


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