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Composed my review of the last book I’ve read, which you can see the title up here, while I am tortured by having to listen to the churro-novel ‘The Triumph of Love’ yuck!

Much Ado About Nothing, in “I’m the number four “, the story is intriguing at first, then taking shape gets fuzzy; it caught me a few times but it didn’t finished to hooked me up. Although I can not deny that for sure I’ll read the second book of the series when be released.

John and Sarah, are the typical high school couple, she’s the popular, he’s the misfit, he is special and she is average; despite the superficiality of the characters, John’s achieve to make me sigh a few times, here and there, the secondary characters like Henry, Sam and Mark are totally irrelevant, however who won my heart was Bernie Kosner, John’ Lorian dog, I want a dog like that !!!!!

There were several pages in which wasn’t happening a too much, and others where many things were happening, so many that there was no time to understand them all. The most frustrating part was not seeing the end of the battle, the player passes out in the battlefield, that it seemed very silly (for not say worse words), the solutions for the conflicts and the problems itself seem created out of no-where, and are completely implausible.

Then there are the superpowers, it has the normal supers’, super strength, speed, recovery, fast cure, high resitance and as always he’s super cute; now his legacy is pretty interesting, but I would not like to have it, on the other hand the powers of number 6, wow, those are epic, she is the real star, I quite like her character.

I also think that this John Smith, or rather say Pittacus Lore, is a poet, as it throws its most inspired poems, in times of emotional stress, and turn in a total fail, because can’t be appreciate as it should. I had to re-read several pages a few times, first to read the action of the characters and then the poems that are embedded in the narrative.

Being an avid reader of love stories, I felt the book was lacked in romance, but also I knew beforehand that this is a book focused on science fiction, and although it is fairly predictable, it also gets ridiculous and I could  recognize similarities with other super heroes, that are most famous and long road; I managed to finished and not feel frustrated or disappointed with the result.

In conclusion, “I’m the number four” probably won’t go down in history, but we have to give it a try; and maybe I didn’t convinced me, but perhaps it do with you, I’m even going to read the next volume of the saga, cuz I’m curious know the other numbers.


PD1 The only reason why I wanna see this movie is Alex Pettyfer XD