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First, I want to thank all whose come to the blog, to leave comments, requests and complaints, everything is very well received, thanks.

Now, Battle: Los Angeles (BLA) is one of the most interesting films I’ve seen in recent months, had been a while since I saw any movie really worthy of being reviewed, I saw ‘Here After’ but to be honest I only liked the opening scene, and also I had seen three times ‘Tron‘ I’ll upload my review soon, however BLA and was good, since I seen the trailer I was dying to see it.

Well I’m a fan of war movies, some of my favorites of all time are ‘Black Hawk Down‘ and ‘We Were Heroes’, are epic to me, and BLA take out an occasional tear, but my biggest reaction was excitement!!!! WOW!!!!! The entire time I spend it having so much fun, seeing what happened to these heinous and disgusting aliens, truly I had so much fun!! XD

The action scenes are quite believable, but also improbable, some very choreographed, not all but a huge mistake I found was that the script is very predictable. Michelle Rodriguez, she is brilliant !!!!!! That woman really knows how to use a gun, I’m her fan, she is very ‘tough’ that’s why I like her, on the other side Joey King as Kirsten, I suffered with her, she is a great actress, I hope to see her soon in ‘Crazy, stupid, love‘ with Ryan Gosling.

Although this movie is for guys, It could also call the attention of girls, soldiers are cute XD some, like Noel Fisher aka Vladimir, he is very ‘cute’, they kill his character but his scenes are fun = D