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I really  don’t see animated films by choice, I have to be forced to see  this kind of movies or when I have seen all the good ones XP

Noctus, the owl, never gets tired to telling epic stories about the Guardians of Ga’Hoole to his young barn owlets Kludd, Soren and their younger sister Eglantine. Soren and Eglantine love the story but jealous Kludd gets bored with the tales of the protectors of the Kingdom of Ga’Hoole. One day, Soren and Kludd fall out of their nest while learning to fly alone and they are kidnapped by evil owls to work for Metalbeak and Nyra. The owlets are divided in soldiers or workers in the Pelletorium. Soren befriends the elf owl Gylfie and they learn that the owlets are “moon-blinked” by the moon while sleeping, and while awake brainwashed. They manage to fight the brainwashing and Gylfie’s captor Grimble teaches them how to fly. They meet the Guardians of Ga’Hoole and together fight against Metalbeak and Nyra and the evil army of The Pure Ones.


Anyway, another point against Ga’Hoole was that I don’t like owls, birds generally are not my favorite pets, but when finally saw this movie, I really had a good time.

I had no idea that was based on a series of children’s books, until one day visiting Sanborns I saw them, and  are very beautiful, even have little pictures XD I have not read them yet, maybe someday, because for now I have on my waiting list, the series of “The Hunger Games” .

Seemed to me that to be a children’s film the movie was very speeded up, I could barely keep track of it, had scenes and dialogues that were confused for me, I can’t even imagine how could kids follow the track.

I liked visually, the film is quite interesting and has something that catches your attention in every scene, I think that is something that children are attracted to. And I really loved the music, wow, Owl City !!!!!! I love it !!!!! I’m not so so fan of them but his music seems very enjoyable, always puts me on a good mood.

Very nice movie, quite entertaining, even if you are or are  not a child, does make you have a good time. The characters are fun, I must admit I laughed a lot, the end credits song was my favorite.