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The movie introduction had a very nice soundtrack, though this film seemed to be one more in the bunch, debuting in the loose period, between the beginning of the year and the highly anticipated summer, Morning Glory (MG) achieve to succeed and leave a good feeling, despite the pseudo- love story.

As a communicator by training, I liked the idea that the story in the movie was focused on Becky Fuller, an executive producer of a morning variety show, it is one of those characters that are not very often the starring star in a film.

I went with low expectations, just eager to see the chemistry settle between Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton on screen, but then I was so glad I went, I had a blast time; though me, my cousin, my brother and a friend, we went all indeed without much encouragement, but we went out with a smile from ear to ear, even remembering some hilarious scenes.

In general, the character of Becky Fuller, starts totally empty, but gradually takes shape, by deciding to accept some challenges, and becoming a strong woman without being a feminist or a tomboy; Becky manages to get in balance herself and all her staff there, by achieving some goals. The love story has no relevance but it seems very successful, the end is very predictable (I will not say it, for once in my reviews -NO SPOILERS-) but is not an easy end, just going to say that.

It is worth to mention the character played by Matt Appleby, Ernie Malloy, is really funny, he really make me LOL in his scenes, you cannot missed him. Besides, this comedy about a TV show, is produced by JJ Abrams (who bring to us Lost, Star Trek) for Paramount, nice ha!