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No doubt, this has been one of my most anticipated releases this year, apart from Passion and Silence, the latest installment of the series, The Mortal Instruments, City of Fallen Angels, leave me puzzled and speechless, for quite a while.

Unlike previous installments, I did not know what to expect, since I had tried to remain free of spoilers, all I knew was that Clary and Jace, probably would get into more trouble.

With what I did not count was that, Cassandra Clare included another couple to the story, well actually two, Maia and Jordan, Elizabeth and Simon, there is no doubt that even the monsters have a heart, because this couples one of werewolves, the other a vampire and a Shadowhunter, this cause a lot of drama, most of the book focuses on Simon, which is a big shift, but during the reading Clary also has a lot to say.

Although there are several strange things from the very beginning of the book, as I was coming near the end, I think the main conflict of the volume was that there’s a lot of drama from these relationships that the conflict itself is in keeping track of each couple.

There are several holes or gaps, which I hope will be solved in the next release, but meanwhile, I highly recommend you to read the rest of the series, if you have not done so; because everything is connected, though Cassandra tried to make the book the way you can read it separately from the rest of the series, let me tell you it is worth to read the previous volumes, before start with this release.

About the conclusion of the book, I found it really INCOMPLETE !!!!!! I was left with many doubts, I did not feel like was the end of the book, but as the end of a chapter, everything was left a bloody mess, I do not like it, but never in a book as part of a saga, I believe that each volume should have its own beginning and its own conclusion, I like full cycles.

In short, if you have not read it, hurry up!; I recommend reading it in English, which is the original language, but if you do not know English, well you will have to settle for reading the translation of the fans, that is in the net, which is not official, but I hope is well done.