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With a curious cover, recreating some of the most famous pedestrian crossings in the world – The Abbey Road – then in back cover, the drama, it was really interesting.

Without knowing what to expect from the book, as which POV would use the author, if there was one or more main characters, which as indicate the cover, could be the case; I keep on with the reading of The Lonely Hearts Club Elizabeth Eulberg.

Since the beginning, I was not much into it, because the life of the starring character revolves around the songs of the Beatles, from who confess, I do not like their music, only two or three exceptions that’s all. But as I progress reading, this was forgotten, as Penny Lane live through her dramas, some are fun, but at my age it looked mostly foolish and simple, but to see it through the eyes of this 16 year old girl, everything was interesting.

I did not think that this book would even give some fun but it really ripped me a lot of laughs. The reading is fairly light, I devour it in three days, the structure of the characters is quite simple, but with heart, voice and plenty of attitude. I recommend reading it this summer; The Lonely Hearts Club is a book suitable for all ages, especially for girls between 15 and 21.

At the end I must say I expected more, much more!! But hey, at least it was, more or less, as I wanted.