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When I first saw the trailer I was totally hooked; seeing that girl so delicate, becoming an aggressive and vicious weapon, was what attracted and make me wanted to see the film immediately, although it has been several months ago, finally a few days ago I had the time to watched it and I was not disappointed.

From start to finish, the film is full of action kicks and bullets, Saoirse Ronan really achieve to fulfill the role, as well as portraying all the fears, frustrations and reactions of Hanna, almost perfectly, for me she has an A+. Cate Blanchet is also great and Eric Bana is good as well, I liked them both too.

Something else that I liked since I saw the trailer, was the music, which was written by The Chemical Brothers and was totally ‘adoc’ with the ‘mood’ of the film, the rhythms are super sticky, I’d fun seeing the action sequences accompanied by the mix of electronic music in the background, truly one of the best I’ve heard in this 2011.

This may never come to be a classic action film but at least Hanna deserves a sequel, I wanted to know more about her future and her past. I recommend it widely, this is a must film of the year.