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Well differently from the last time, when I went to see HP7:DHP1, and tried to be spoiler free, this time I decided to see at least the trailer, besides the play it before I watched Transformers 3, so I couldn’t avoid it.

Despite to have a little notion about what to expect from the film, to be honest the trailer say it all, but even though there are a few cute moments; the funny scenes were well played, I must say that the teary moments are there too, placed strategically. Even the desperation and nostalgia found its place in the film.

Alan Rickman, I’m your fan!!!! for me his characters is the most important (well just after Daniel Radcliffe) in the whole film, he had so much to say and he say it in the right time, I loved his performance, the detail in his perfect British articulation, was totally amazing!

About Ron and Hermonie (Rupert Grint and Emma Watson) they were a good support for Harry, though in the most important moment they didn’t saved him. Molly the mother of the twins, come to be a relevant character and she owned the award for the “OMG!!! Moment” of the movie, the entire room cheer what she did, even I said, bravo! bravo!

Who also get the applause from the audience, for his certain intervention was Neville, in the end he came out to be a very brave wizard. About the Malfoys, I meant Draco and his parents, at the end I would had liked more if they died, but at least was shown on screen, that above all, they were no more than cowards.

Despite all the good or the bad, some people talked about David Yates, and his part on the franchise, to me honestly he really hooked me up with these two last installments of the wizard. Though I read on Cine Premiere magazine that Warner Bros, had decided to split the last chapters of “The Deathly Hollows” book, in 7 more movies , I don’t know if this is possible, because I had never read any book from Harry Potter, but that’s what they said.

Now for all the hardcore fans of this acclaimed wizard, this news must be a comfort or maybe not, even though to me only make me curious, because I’m not such a huge fan of  Harry Potter, but if this is true, well I can’t deny that I might go to see those movies.

Was relatively early when I went to the movies, but the place was already crowed by the potter fans, some with their Potter-shirts or scarfs, at least I didn’t see any one with glasses or broomstick. I thought that I might get rid off the buzz of that fandom, and I almost succeeded but during the movie, I guess one or two girls were crying and screaming loudly, which was very annoying!!!

In my humble opinion “Harry Potter 7: The Deathly Hallows part 2” is a very, very good movie, is funny, relevant and worth it to spend my $65 pesistos for the 3D version. A very good ending to this franchise, that probably cause opposed opinions,  but has been most successful that the writer herself might ever dream of.


PS Ok, the Twi-fan in me cannot stop to mention that, to see The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn part 1 trailer, on the big screen was AMAZING!!!!!!