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For a long time I had this book in my waiting list, I was very attracted by the cover, about Jordan Sophie I knew nothing, until after I finished Firelight, which it seems a very summery title and very relaxed.

I really did not expect to have fun with this book but I did, the nervousness and the tension of feeling that they are about know some secrets Jacinda and her kind, kept me on the edge of my seat.

Will … OMG! I loved him! Typical of me, I have a soft weakness for fictional men: P Will is a very cute and very hard but very intuitive, I really like him. Jacinda has a twin sister Tamra, as usual she turns to be totally opposite to her, and her mom want to keep her safe but at Jacinda’s expenses which is cruel coming from a mom.

I was very interested to know this history, since the cover was very striking, of course I sensed it was about dragons, but I did not think it was a contemporary story, which helped that my interest did not wane; because there comes a point in the plot, when the twin sister, Tamra, upset me and I jump her lines, but also the attitude like, “I do not want him”, “I do not need him” from Jacinda to Will, felts absurd and I could not wait to give it a couple of hits on the head to her.

The end is awful; I hate that kind of ending, fully open to both speculations as to the uneasiness, because they give no hint of what might happen next. I get angry when I reached the end, I did not like at all. But then I read the synopsis of the next volume, Vanish, and I understood more, and ignore my anger with the end of Firelight.

Well if you want a book light, no mythological or etymological intricacies, I highly recommend you Firelight, yes, it’s about dragons, and yes, they are mythological, but the author does not give any lecture on dragons, only focuses on the story of Jacinda, which makes the book weightless and without much drama.