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Having in mind that I will see Chris Hemsworth, who will play the huntsman in SWATH (Snow White And The Hunstman) next summer (2012), I take the risk to get bored to death.

The sets are pretty well made, I liked a lot Asgard, I don’t know a thing about Celtic mythology, but that doesn’t matter to be able to see this movie, everything occurred in this time, though I was expecting more mystery and more action sequences.

The actor portraying Loki, I like him very much, always the bad guys are the ones who give the best performances and about Chris H., he is very, very handsome but as an actor… well he didn’t convince me pretty well, I will have to see him next year (2012) in SWATH so I can give an objective opinion about him :P. Now supposed the warriors, next to Thor, seemed ridiculous to me, starting with the beardy man with red hair and the other that looked like a pretty lame version of Robin Hood.

I can’t stop to mention the Academy winner for Best Female Performance this year (2011), Natalie Portman, who we can see clearly pregnant, I was laughing when in each take they tried to hide for one way or another her belly, she looked beautiful; but I don’t think that, that role was meant for her, I would have like to see a younger and prettier actress in that character.

Well of course I’ll see The Avengers next summer without a doubt, though some say that will be a fail, I don’t think so because I certainly will go to see Chris H. as Thor once more, I definitely sign up to watch that movie.  To finish, Thor will only be a good movie, if you consider Chris H. really good looking or hot guy, if not well better don’t watch it.


PS I couldnt confirm on any site the fact that NP was pregnant while shooting Thor but I think she was. If you know something, please let me know  here on a comment.