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Recently, Hollywood has a thing for doing remakes of the Disney classics, with actors of flesh and bone, some have not gone very well(other we will have to wait untill next year to see how come out like SWATH), and this is the case with Beastly.

Point number 1, the title in Spanish is awful !!!!! “The charm of the Beast” a very sappy name for a remake, the cast is clearly designed to attract teens from high school. Point number 2, was very good twist in the film adaptation, to turn on the “bestiality” into ugliness of the beast, rather than make him look like a werewolf. Point number 3, Alex Pettyfer aka probable to be Daniel Grigori on the Fallen Saga by Lauren Kate.

The one performance that really interested me, was the witch Kendra, played by Mari Kate Olsen, the character suits her like a glove, does not feel over-acting, but otherwise very, very natural. The most interesting scene of the movie, I must say is, the assembly of introduction, including the shirtless Alex, that song fits perfect grounder for the film. And about Vanessa Hudgens lets just say that she still has long way until the image of HSM she is carrying on her skinny shoulders will be erased.

Beastly is a popcorn movie, to watch with girl friends or with mom, like me 😛 as we say in my family, is a movie we all can see.

PS Mary Kate Olsen on the set of Beastly