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Lately I’ve been super “mean” in my reviews, do not know what might be possibly the movies, but the chances are that I am the problem,  so that any movie been worth it, I only see their defects more than their virtues, I’m like Kanye West’s song “Runaway” check it out so  you understand what I mean, ok, ok, now I’ll stop complaining and move on to reviewing the material I saw.

I do not know how to say it, this is the more sappy and implausible story that I’ve seen in months -even super 8 is much more credible than this- is related to the most sappy ceremony to which unfortunately, I attended… way back 8 years ago, I was not one of the organizers or the unfortunate and naive girls who hallucinate that date -that sounded cold, but either way, let’s print it-, the PROM for United States of America citizens and GRADUATION for the rest of the world, an inevitable step in student life.

With couples that are the most deranged, situations of the most corny or silly, totally ridiculous arguments, I found just a good performance, and is not any of the “lead roles,” PROM despite being produced by the most famous mouse’s house in the world, I give him the Razzie Award for worst movie of the year, I think the only thing salvageable from it, is the movie’s poster, along with the  introduction of the film, good art; besides that you can skip to the end the film and watch the credits, which are just as interesting as the rest of the plot.

I found it remarkable how perfect it seemed, Thomas McDonell -the photo up here- to play  as Patch, a character from Hush Hush saga in its film version, if it’s come to do so, but focusing more on this ragged film, only Nicholas Braun manages to make me interested in knowing more about the development of his character, which I found very, very real and hilarious, only he take one or another laugh form me, with everyone else my face was this … ———– >

In closing I would like to say that  I do not hate the film, it just seemed so absurd and ridiculous, it was like when I saw the updated Fame movie the director gives you a very pretentious trailer, which makes it well worth to watch… the trailer, but not the full movie. Any way, if you are of those who like to watch cheesy  movies , I highly recommend you to see PROM, you will enjoyed it very much.


PS Sorry for sarcasm so do not really know where it came XD