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Without any knowledge about the history, the author, and much less any idea about the characters in this love story, full of hate, family issues, drama, really intense drama, I decided to give it a chance. 

In a site dedicated to the Fallen saga of Lauren Kate, said the author recommended it; so that throw me to read it without knowing almost nothing about the book, only that Ms. Lauren Kate likes it. And surprise! I got totally hooked by the story.

At first Helen seems like a silly girl with low self-esteem but with much love for her father and her best friend, is very independent and hardworking. A cute little girl nothing else, but going through  the pages, things change, the exact moment in the story when I was hooked, was when she saw for the first time to Lucas Delos, I would never ever had imagine such reaction, having in mind that this book is about a love story.

Things gets tough, though I know a bit about Greek mythology, never in my life I’ve read the Iliad or the Odyssey, I know very little about these books, but as the story progressed I wanted to read these classics, so I could understand more about what they say; but it was not necessary, the author takes these books as a small start point, and  Starcrossed is apart from these books, obviously, is not a sequel or prequel, or anything related, each character in this book is independent, the only thing they share with those classics are probably some names, like Helen, Hector, Ariadne, Cassandra, etc, which are entirely Greek names.

The book left me really excited; about the impossible relationship between Lucas and Helen, the couple has earned a place in my top10 fictional couples they are so cute!!  I highly recommended to read it, the title in Spanish is called ‘Predestinados’, you will not regret reading those good 496 pages, and I assure you, you will left wanting much more like me XD


PS By the way the name of the second book in this trilogy is Dreamless.